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  • ERP Value Hypothesis

    ERP Value Hypothesis

    Value stories and value hypothesis are the latest marketing trend that ERP vendors are using to persuade customers. These tactics are not inherently wrong, however the customer needs to use the same discipline in selecting the right ERP vendor. Read more

  • SaaS ERP is not a push button solution

    SaaS ERP is not a push button solution

    SaaS ERP is the latest effort in the ERP industry to provide a rapid, cost-effective solution for customers who want an enterprise solution.  A SaaS deployment model does provide the potential for greater value realization; however, the value proposition is dependent upon appropriate expectations and implementation approach.  The purpose of the following article is to… Read more

  • BPR, BPM and ERP

    BPR, BPM and ERP

    I had a customer ask me about the relationship between BPM and ERP.  Does ERP implement BPM or do you need to have BPM before ERP?  Is an ERP implementation a BPR project?  Who’s on first?  As the ERP industry evolves it has become evident that additional disciplines like Business Process Management (BPM) and Business… Read more

  • ERP Project 101: What + Why = How

    ERP Project 101: What + Why = How

    One of the reasons why I am a consultant is that I enjoy solving business problems with technology. ERP provides a technical foundation that I can utilize to solve problems.  However, during my career I came to the realization that simply throwing technology at a business need is not in the best interest of the… Read more

  • Cloud ERP Strategy:  Goodbye IaaS, Hello IaaS

    Cloud ERP Strategy: Goodbye IaaS, Hello IaaS

    One of the first deployment models for cloud computing was Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).  Currently, there is a price war between the major IaaS providers like AWS and Rackspace to provide the cheapest infrastructure. However, enterprise customers looking to move their ERP solutions to the cloud should focus more on Integration as a Service… Read more

  • ERP Cloud:  Finding the Right Provider

    ERP Cloud: Finding the Right Provider

    I recently attended Oracle’s OpenWorld Conference in San Francisco this October.  There was a huge volume of information on the Cloud.  As I walked through the Exhibitor’s halls at the Moscone Center, I observed that every SI partner had ERP in the Cloud or could get customers to the Cloud seamlessly.  What I did not… Read more

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