Greetings from Brett Beaubouef,

I consider myself an ERP/Cloud implementation practitioner on the road to becoming a better ERP advisor and leader.  I have been on this path for 25 years and believe that I have much to share with my peers.  I also know that I still have much to learn on this journey.  My hope is that you will partner with me in the never-ending quest for ERP implementation success.

This blog is aimed at enterprise architects, development leads, project managers, business systems analysts, business systems owners, and anyone who wants to implement ERP effectively. If you are a customer looking to implement ERP/COTs software in the future then this blog will provide a strategy to maximize your investment. If you are in an internal IT role and you find that your internal software development methodology doesn’t quite work for an off-the-shelf business software package then this blog will provide you with perspective on how to adjust your approach. If you are an implementation partner looking to minimize the blood, sweat, and tears shed with implementing ERP/COTS software then this blog will be a guide to filter out obstacles and enable implementation focus.

DISCLAIMER: The opinions and views expressed on this blog does not represent the views/opinions of Brett’s employer: Highstreet.

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3 thoughts on “About

  1. Luyanda Ndlovu says:

    Hi. i have came across your informative ERP the right way blog post and liked the details it has and useful insight. i am doing my Masters in ERP alignment and wanted to use your fit gap pic but i want to reference you as the author but there is no information i can use, can u advise me especially on the date of publication etc.

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