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  • Podcast: ERP Organizational Change Success
    Podcast:  ERP Organizational Change Success

    Dr. Jack G. Nestell and I discuss some key influences on ERP organizational change success for implementation success. Read more

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  • Conducting ERP Assessment to Maximize ERP ROI
    Conducting ERP Assessment to Maximize ERP ROI

    If you are considering moving to the cloud, one of the steps to take is understanding where you are at today with your ERP solution. Read more

Changing the Game

  • Disrupting the ERP Cloud market with Business Value Realization Pricing

    Gartner estimates that companies are achieving only 43% of their technology investments’ full potential value.  Should ERP contracts be based on realized business value versus list price? Read more

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The “nuts and bolts” of ERP implementation best practices.
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Leading and disrupting ERP practices for changing the game.
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Critical path advise for ERP and SI Partner selections.
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Holistic approaches for improving ERP utilization.
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