PeopleSoft Knowledge Map

Knowledge is power!

Knowledge is also the key enabler for customers to get the most out of their Oracle ERP investment.  I can understand the economic pressures to do more with less. Allow me to share with you the following list of available PeopleSoft information/training resources on the internet.

Available Resources:

Knowledge transfer is a process, not just a milestone task on a project plan.  Customers – insist on a knowledge transfer plan from your SI partners.

If you gain value from this knowledge map then I would consider it an honor if you would consider purchasing my book on ERP implementation best practices.  I promise you won’t regret it.

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  1. appsian Avatar

    Really enjoyed your article as its highly informative

  2. Michel Jav Avatar

    nice article , nice collection of blogs for peoplesoft dearmers this can be peoplesoft training useful

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